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'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2': Who Are the New Mystery Characters?

09:00 18.02.2016 | by Graeme McMillan

Marvel's next Guardians of the Galaxy has started production, and the studio marked the occasion by officially announcing the names of four actors who'll be joining the cast of Vol. 2 playing roles that, for now, remain under wraps. But with almost half a century of comic book mythology to choose from, are the identities of the new characters ready to be uncovered?

The original Guardians debuted in 1969's Marvel Super-Heroes No. 18, although that group of characters — superheroes who fought to free Earth from a race of alien invaders in the 31st century, with occasional trips back to our times for team-ups with Spider-Man, the Avengers and whoever else was available — were mostly ignored in James Gunn's first Guardians for the more recent incarnation of the team.

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Ryan Reynolds Shares Hilarious Deadpool Image, May Hint At Deadpool 2 Release Date

00:45 Thu 07.07.2016 | by Adam Holmes

After Deadpool hauled in a lot of money, earned tremendous reviews and even hinted at a sequel in its post-credits scene, no one was surprised when 20th Century Fox announced that Deadpool 2 was coming. Nevertheless, the studio and creative minds involved have been cagey about what to expect from Wade Wilson's next adventure, including Ryan Reynolds. However, the actor just shared a cool piece of Deadpool artwork that may hint at the sequel's release date.

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